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Falkland Islands Travel Guide

You never forget your first rockhopper penguin. These small but incredibly feisty birds seem to epitomize the Falkland Islands, being tough yet beautiful, rugged but characterful, and full of surprises. Those of us who watched the Falklands War on TV probably never dreamt that we could one day travel to these remote islands, also a gateway for South Georgia and the Antarctic. Whether you are interested in wildlife, people, photography, walking or wilderness, discover the best places to see with our online Falkland Islands travel guide.

Falkland Islands Travel Guide Highlights
Stanley, Falkland Islands, Photo by FITB
Capital of the Falkland Islands, with colourful houses set around the harbour.
Falkland Islands travel guide: albatross, Falkland Islands, Photo by Joshanon1
Wildlife watching
From albatrosses to penguins, the Falklands have superb opportunities for wildlife watching.
Falkland Islands travel guide: Volunteer Point, Falkland Islands, Photo by Been Goode
Volunteer Point
This is home to a major nesting colony of king penguins.
South Georgia travel guide: Grytviken, South Georgia, Photo by Adeliepenguin
South Georgia
Grytviken is the main centre of this island dominated by snow-covered mountains.
Falkland Islands travel guide: Pebble Island, Falkland Islands Photo by Steve Allen
Pebble Island
There's plenty of wildlife here, including cormorants, penguins and sea lions.
Antarctic travel guide, Photo by Christian Revival Network
The icy expanse of the Antarctic is accessible by ship from the Falklands.
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