Festivals and events

Año Nuevo

On New Year's Eve
años viejos
are on display throughout the city.

27 Feb: 
Día del Civismo

Parades with marching bands, students swear allegiance to the flag, on 26 Feb there is a band competition at Plaza de la Independencia.


Water-throwing is common at carnival and in weeks before.

Semana Santa

The solemn Good Fri procession in colonial Quito is impressive, with thousands of devout citizens taking part.

24 May: 

Commemorating the Battle of Pichincha in 1822 with early-morning cannon-fire and parades; everything closes.

Agosto Arte y Cultura

Throughout the month of Aug the municipality organizes cultural events, dancing and music in different places throughout the city.

1-6 Dec: 
Día de Quito

The city's main festival is celebrated throughout the week ending 6 Dec. It commemorates the founding of the city with elaborate parades, bullfights, performances and music in the streets. It is very lively and there is a great deal of drinking. The main events culminate on the evening of 5 Dec, and 6 Dec is the day to sleep it all off; everything (except a few restaurants) closes.

25 Dec:

Foremost among Christmas celebrations is the
Misa del Gallo
, midnight mass on 24 Dec. During the weeks leading to Christmas, Quiteños prepare
, Nativity scenes, in their homes and at public places where some real works of art can be admired. A large, elaborate manger is set up at El Panecillo. Over Christmas Quito is crowded and the streets are packed with street vendors, shoppers and people begging.

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