American Express
representative is
Ecuadorian Tours
, Amazonas N21-33 y J Washington, T02-256 0488, ext 470. Issues temporary replacement Amex cards, which can be used in Banco de Guayaquil ATMs, but not for purchases. Does not sell, exchange or replace lost Amex TCs. Mon-Fri 0830-1700.

The highest concentration of banks and ATMs is in modern Quito. Many are along Av Amazonas, both in La Mariscal and La Carolina, and along Naciones Unidas between Amazonas and Los Shyris. In colonial Quito there are banks near the main plazas. To change TCs, casas de cambio and
Banco del Pacífico
, Naciones Unidas E7-95 y Los Shyris, Amazonas y Roca, Chile 1020, Mall El Jardín and CC El Bosque.

Casas de cambio

All open Mon-Fri 0900-1730, Sat 0900-1245, except at the airport as noted.
, Amazonas N21-229 y Roca, T02-252 6907. Change 7 currencies, 2% commission for Amex US$ TCs.
, International Departures at the airport, T02-330 3398, daily 0430-2100. Poor rates for 12 currencies.
Mega Cambios
, Amazonas N24-01 y Wilson, T02-255 5849. 3% comission for US$ TCs, change cash euros, pounds, Canadian dollars.
, Amazonas N21-147 y Roca, T02-252 9212. Change 11 currencies, 1.8% comission for US$ TCs, good rates, recommended.


Drs Sixto y Silvia Altamirano
, Amazonas N32-227 y República, T02-224 4119. Speak English and French. Excellent.

Dr Roberto Mena
, Coruña E24-865 e Isabel la Católica, T02-255 9923. Speaks English and German.


Most embassies have the telephone numbers of doctors who speak non-Spanish languages. The following are recommended.
Dr Juan Molina
, gynaecologist, Centro Médico Meditrópoli, Mariana de Jesús opposite Hospital Metropolitano, T02-243 2171, speaks German and English.
Dr Wilson Pancho
, internist, República de El Salvador 112, T02-246 3139. Speaks German.
Dr Ernesto Quiñones
, paedatrician, Centro Materno Infantil, Manuel Barreto 167 y Coruña, at north end of Coruña, T02-223 2956. Speaks English and Italian.
Dr John Rosenberg
, internist, Med Center Travel Clinic, Foch 476 y Almagro, T02-252 1104, T09-973 9734, internal and travel medicine with a full range of vaccines, speaks English and German, very helpful.
Dr Mónica Santamaría
, dermatologist, Edif Diagnóstico 2000, Mariana de Jesús, 1 block below Hospital Metropolitano, T02-246 0404. Speaks English and some French.

Embassies and consulates

Additional embassies and information is found at All open Mon-Fri unless otherwise noted.
, Amazonas N21-147 y Roca, p 8, T02-256 2292,, 0900-1600.
, Gaspar de Villaroel E9-53 y Los Shyris, p 3, T02-244 3272,, 1000-1200.
, República de El Salvador 1082 y Naciones Unidas, p 10, T02-227 6145,, Mon-Thu 0830-1230.
, Eloy Alfaro 2432 y Fernando Ayarza, T02-224 4830, 0800-1600.
, Amazonas 1429 y Colón, Edif España, p 9, T02-256 3086, 0900-1400.
, Amazonas N37-29 y Unión Nacional de Periodistas, p 3, T02-245 5499,, 0900-1200.
, Juan Pablo Sanz 3617 y Amazonas, Edif Xerox p 4, T02-224 9403, 0800-1700.
(consulate), Atahualpa 955 y República, Edif Digicom p 3, T02-245 8012, consulado 0900-1300, 1400-1600.
Costa Rica
, Isla San Cristóbal N44-385 y Güepi, T02-225 2330, embajcr@, 0800-1330.
, El Mercurio 365 y La Razón, T02-226 0981, 0900-1300.
, Plaza 107 y Patria, T02-294 3800,, Mon-Thu 0900-1300, 1430-1730, Fri 0830-1330.
, Naciones Unidas E10-44 y República de El Salvador, Edif City Plaza, p 14 T02-297 0820, 0830-1130.
, Yanacocha y Juan Prócel, El Condado, T02-600 1166, dominiquekennedy@, 0900-1200.
, 12 de Octubre y Salazar, Edif Plaza 2000, p 9, T02-223 7474, 0900-1300.
, La Isla 111 y H Albornoz, T02-256 1077,, 1000-1230.
, Amazonas N39-123 y Arízaga, p11, T02-227 8700, 0930-1200, 1400-1700.
, 12 de Octubre 1942 y Cordero, World Trade Centre, p 1, T02-222 9229,, 0830-1300, 1400-1730.
, República de El Salvador 1082 y Naciones Unidas, Ed Mansión Blanca, Torre París, p4, T02-246 1523, knietoconsuladonoruega@uio., 0900-1200.
, Alpallana 505 y Whimper, Edif Pradera, p 5, T02-256 6449,, 0900-1400.
, 12 de Octubre 1942 y Cordero, Edif World Trade Center p 9, T02- 223 1990, 0830-1330.
, República de El Salvador N34-361 e Irlanda, Edif Irlanda, T02-246 8410,, 0900-1300, 1500-1800.
(consulate), La Pinta 455 y Amazonas, T02-256 4373, 0900-1200.
, Almagro N32-27 y Whymper, Edif Torres Whymper p11,, Mon-Thu 0930-1230.
, Juan Pablo Sanz 3617 y Amazonas, Edif Xerox p 2, T02-243 4949,, 0900-1200.
United Kingdom
, Naciones Unidas y República de El Salvador, Edif Citiplaza p 14, T02-297 0800, Mon-Thu 0800-1230, 1330-1600, Fri 0830-1230.
, 6 de Diciembre 2816 y Paul Rivet, Edif Josueth González p 9, T02-2544228, uruguay@, 0900-1700.
, Avigiras E12-170 y Eloy Alfaro, T02- 398 5000,, 0800-1230, 1330-1700.
, Amazonas N30-240, T02-255 4483, 0900-1300, 1400-1630.


For all emergencies in Quito call T911.


Quito's main public hospital is
Hospital Eugenio Espejo
, Av Colombia y Yaguachi, T02-223 0212, emergency T02-250 7907. The following private hospitals are good but none are cheap, Metropolitano and Pichincha are the most expensive.
Clínica Pasteur
, Eloy Alfaro N29-248 y 9 de Octubre, T02-223 4004.
Clínica Pichincha
, Veintimilla E3-30 y Páez, T02-299 8700, ambulance T02-250 1565.
Hospital Metropolitano
, Mariana de Jesús y Av Occidental, T02-226 1520, ambulance T02-226 5020.
Hospital Voz
, Villalengua Oe2-37 y 10 de Agosto, T02-226 2142, run by HCJB Christian missionary organization. Novaclínica Santa
, Veintimilla 1394 y 10 de Agosto, T02-254 5390, emergency T02-254 5000.


Quito has very many cybercafés, particularly in La Mariscal. Rates start at about US$0.60/hr, but US$1/hr is more typical. Some places get crowded, smoky and very noisy. Internet access is cheapest and fastest in Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca, more expensive and slower in small towns and more remote areas. Watch your belongings while in the internet cafés, there have been some reports of theft.

Language schools

The following have been recommended, most offer homestays, travel/study programmes (you travel with your teacher to destinations you are interested in), and arrange volunteer work.
Academia de Español Quito
, Marchena Oe1-30 y 10 de Agosto, T02-255 3647, www.academia
Academia Latinoamericana
, Noruega 156 y 6 de Diciembre, T02-225 0946, Also have schools in Peru and Bolivia.
, Washington 718 y Amazonas, Edif Rocafuerte, p 3, T02-250 4654,

Andean Global Studies
, El Mercurio E10-23 y la Razón, T02-225 4928 Design customized programs for individuals and groups
who want to learn Spanish while exploring Ecuador.
, Amazonas N24-66 y Pinto, p 2, T02-290 6642,
Bipo & Toni's
, Carrión E8-183 y Plaza, T02-254 7090,
Cristóbal Colón
, Colón Oe2-56 y Versalles, T02-250 6508, www.colonspanish Also offer courses in Baños and Otavalo and run a hostel in the school's premises.
, Pinzón N25-106 y Colón, T02-222 6544,

Instituto Superior
, Darquea Terán 1650 y 10 de Agosto, T02-222 3242, www.instituto- Also have schools in Otavalo and Galápagos (advanced booking required).
La Lengua
, Colón 1001 y JL Mera, p 8, T02-250 1271, Also in Puerto López (book in advance).
Mitad del Mundo
, Barrio Ponceano Calle C N71-193 y Calle B, in northern Quito, T02-254 6827, Offer special courses for business, health and other professionals.
, Carrión 437 y 6 de Diciembre, T02-222 0478, www.pichincha
Quito Antiguo
, Venezuela N7-31 y Olmedo in colonial Quito, T02-228 8454, www.quitoantiguo Also offer tours.
Quito S.I.
Spanish Institute
, 9 de Octubre N27-09 y Orellana, T02-255 0377, www.quitospanish. com. Spanish courses and examination centre for DELE Spanish proficiency diplomas.
Simón Bolívar
, Foch E9-20 y 6 de Diciembre, T02-223 4708, www.simon-
, 10 de Agosto N20-53 y Bolivia, Edif Andrade, p 5, T02-252 0006,
South American
, Amazonas N26-59 y Santa María, T02-254 4715, www.southamerican. Also have a school in Guayaquil.
Universidad Católica
, 12 de Octubre y Roca, Sección de Español, T02-299 1700, ext 1388, mejaramillo@, good small group courses.
Vida Verde
, Plaza N23-100 y Wilson, T02-222 6635, Part of profits go to support social and environmental projects.


There are several laundromats around La Mariscal, clustered around the corner of Foch and Reina Victoria, along Pinto and along Wilson. Wash and dry costs about US$0.80 per kg, some deliver pre-paid laundry. Also one on Olmedo 552, in colonial Quito and los Ríos y Espinoza east of La Alameda.

Dry cleaning

La Química
, Mallorca 335 y Madrid, La Floresta and Olmedo y Cotopaxi in colonial Quito.
, 1-hr service, 12 de Octubre 1486, Almagro y La Pradera, and in 6 shopping centres.
, 6 de Diciembre 1840 y Eloy Alfaro, and Pinzón y La Niña.


is a reliable chain of 35 pharmacies throughout the city. Their 24-hr branches are at Amazonas y Tomás de Berlanga near the Plaza de Toros, and at Centro Comercial El Recreo in the south. Always check expiry dates on any medications and avoid purchasing anything that requires refrigeration in the smaller drug stores.


The telephone number for emergencies is T101. Report robberies at
Servicio de Seguridad Turística, Policía de Turismo
, Reina Victoria y Roca, T02-254 3983, daily 0800-1900. Also at
Ministerio de Turismo
, Eloy Alfaro N32-300 y Tobar, T02-250 7559, ext 1014, Mon-Fri 0800-1200, 1400-1800.

Post office

There are 23 postal branches throughout Quito, opening times vary but are generally Mon-Fri 0800-1800, Sat 0800-1200. In principle all branches provide all services, but your best chances are at
Colón y Almagro
in the Mariscal district, and at
Japón y Naciones Unidas
opposite Parque la Carolina. The branch on
Eloy Alfaro
354 y 9 de Octubre is especially chaotic and unhelpful, best avoided.
In colonial Quito, at
, between
Guayaquil and Venezuela, and west of La Mariscal at
Ulloa y Ramírez Dávalos
, behind Mercado Santa Clara (Mon-Fri 0730-1600).

This is the centre for parcel post; you may be directed here to send large packages.

Poste restante

This is available at the post offices at
and at
Eloy Alfaro
. All
poste restante
letters are sent to Espejo unless marked 'Correo Central, Eloy Alfaro', but you are advised to check both
postes restantes
, whichever address you use.

This is edited copy from Footprint Handbooks. For comprehensive details (incl address, tel no, directions, opening times and prices) please refer to book or individual chapter PDF
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