North of Pedernales the coastal highway veers northeast, going slightly inland, then crosses into the province of Esmeraldas near
(San José de Chamanga, population 4500, 50 km north of Pedernales, 100 km south of Esmeraldas), an authentic little hub with houses built on stilts on the freshwater estuary. This is a good spot from which to explore the nearby mangroves, there is a basic place to stay and frequent buses north and south. Town is 1 km from the highway. Inland, and spanning the provincial border is the
Reserva Ecológica Mache-Chindul

Thirty one kilometres north of Chamanga is the turnoff for
, one of Ecuador's best surfing spots, 7 km from the main road. The town and surroundings are changing rapidly with the construction of an international resort complex and holiday real-estate development two kilometres south at Punta Portete. The area is still very friendly, relaxed and beautiful but don't wait too long to visit. You can walk past the gates of the resort enclave to
Isla Portete
, then cross the estuary in a punt and continue south along the immense palm-fringed beach. Further south are the little villages of
, where you might be able to hire a canoe to Cojimies in the Province of Manabí .

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