Riobamba and around

Riobamba is the capital of Chimborazo Province. It is built in the wide Tapi Valley and has broad streets and many ageing but impressive buildings. Because of its central location, Riobamba and the surrounding province are known as Corazón de la Patria, the heartland of Ecuador. The city also has earned the epithet of Sultana de los Andes (the Sultan of the Andes). Located at the foot of the magnificent Chimborazo, the highest mountain in the country, and surrounded by other impressive peaks such as El Altar, Tungurahua, Carihuayrazo and Sangay, it is the perfect base from which to explore Parque Nacional Sangay and the Reserva Chimborazo. The famous Devil's Nose train ride also runs through this area. There are a number of colourful and authentic markets worth visiting.

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