Ecuador and Galápagos Travel Guide

Use this online Ecuador and Galápagos travel guide to plan your trip to one of the world's top wildlife destinations.

The phrase 'small is beautiful' could have been coined specifically with Ecuador in mind. By South American standards it is tiny (only half the size of France) but it is this relative compactness that is one of its main attractions. Here, you can see dawn break over the jungle canopy, have lunch high in the Andes, then watch the sun slip into the Pacific Ocean - all in the same day. Ecuador's geographic and biological diversity is extraordinary too; a fact that did not escape the attention of early scientists and explorers - including Charles Darwin - who came, saw and compiled large volumes extolling its many virtues. Their sense of wonder is yours to share, especially if you are willing to go off the beaten path. For beneath Ecuador's recent veneer of boutique hotels and internationally marketed package tours, lies a wonderfully wild array of natural and cultural experiences waiting to be rediscovered, and this Ecuador and Galápagos travel guide will help you on the way.

Ecuador and Galápagos Travel Guide Highlights
Quito, Ecuador, Photo by JOSE ALBERTO TEJO
Colonial Quito
Treasure trove of religious art and architecture.
Lonesome George, Galápagos Islands, Ecuador, Photo by putneymark
Galápagos Islands
One of the world's foremost wildlife sanctuaries.
Surfing in Mompiche, Ecuador, Photo by Carlos Adampol
One of Ecuador's best surfing beaches.
Cuenca, Ecuador, Photo by Alex E Proimos
Congenial colonial city and gateway to southern Ecuador.
Tanager in Mindo, Ecuador, Photo by Michael-Woodruff
Birdwatchers' and nature-lovers' paradise.
Vilcabamba, Photo by Carlos Adampol
A relaxing town where you can pamper yourself and enjoy nature.
Craft market in Otavalo, Ecuador, Photo by Lesmode
Home of the largest craft market in South America.
Devil's Nose Rail Ride, Ecuador, Photo by Frank am Main
Devil's Nose
One of the most spectacular rail rides of the Andes.
Oriente Jungle near Tena, Ecuador, Photo by ggallice
Access to whitewater rafting and the 'near Oriente' jungle.
Whale watching in Puerto López, Ecuador, Photo by afroboof
Puerto López
Whale watching in season and access to Parque Nacional Machalilla year-round.
Baños, Ecuador, Photo by markg6
Adventure and relaxation at the foot of an active volcano.
Quilotoa Lake, Ecuador, Photo by Ramblurr
Quilotoa Circuit
An emerald-green crater lake amid traditional villages.

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