Ins and outs

Getting there


There are daily flights from Havana which connect with international flights, notably from 15 Mexican cities. Cayo Largo del Sur can be reached by air from other resort areas such as Varadero and there are charter flights from European and Canadian cities.


You can also get to Isla de la Juventud by sea, by ferry from Batabanó, but Cayo Largo del Sur can only be reached by sea if you have your own boat.

Getting around


Hired car or taxi is the usual method of transport, unless you book a tour through an agency. There are several public buses on Isla de la Juventud. If you are not in a hurry you can pick up a horse-drawn
, or go by bicycle. The south of Isla de la Juventud is an exclusion zone and you need a permit to enter.


There is no inter-island transport and to get from the Isla to Cayo Largo you need a private yacht.

Tourist information

agency on Isla de la Juventud is good for information and tours. The hotels on Cayo Largo have
burós de turismo
are all represented. The website is worth investigating and has a section on the Isla, although most of it is on Cayo Largo.

Best time to visit

The driest time of year is between December and April. From June you can expect increased humidity and rain, with the risk of tropical storms or hurricanes from September until November. There is usually a sea breeze at any time of year to cool things down and the islands are not as hot as the mother island of Cuba. Isla de la Juventud and Cayo Largo have both been hard hit by hurricanes, most recently by Gustav in 2008. The damage on La Isla was, according to Fidel Castro, worse than a nuclear explosion. On Cayo Largo the beaches have changed considerably in recent years as a result of storm action, but in mid-2009 all were reported in good shape.

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