Ins and outs

Getting there

Santiago is the end of the line for the main road and rail links from Havana and has domestic and international air services. There are several daily buses, trains and flights from the west end of the island and good connections if you want to fan out to Guantánamo, Baracoa and other towns in the region.

Tourist information

Tour agencies such as
can give information on how to get to where you want to go and offer organized tours as well as make reservations for transport and lodging.
Casas particulares
are a good source of information on cultural and entertainment matters and often offer unofficial transport and recommend places to stay in other towns.

Best time to visit

Without doubt, July is the most exciting time of year to visit Santiago, for its carnival and anniversary celebrations for the attack on the Moncada Garrison in 1956. However, this is also the hottest time of year in an already hot city. The foundation of Baracoa is celebrated in mid-August and there is plenty going on. Although hurricane season officially starts in June, you are most likely to get storms from September to November, when you should be prepared for all your travel plans to be disrupted. The coolest time is from December to February, although if a cold front comes down from the eastern seaboard of the USA, anywhere on Cuba's north coast, such as Baracoa, can expect high seas and some rain.

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