Sierra del Rosario

Heading west from Havana the land is initially low-lying and unimpressive. Soon, however, green mountains come into view, stirring anticipation of exploration and discovery. The Sierra has a 260-sq-km biosphere reserve, giving recognition to its ecological diversity and richness. Birdwatching is rich and rewarding around Las Terrazas, the main centre for nature tourism. Lovers of flora will appreciate the orchidarium at Soroa and the many and varied plants to be found by anyone who has hiked up and down the hills.

Ins and outs
Getting there

The easiest way of getting to Soroa is to book yourself on an organized
from Havana. Other trips include overnight stays at the hotels and some take in Soroa as well. Alternatively, hire a
and take your time, but rooms at
Hotel Moka
need to be booked in advance. Public transport is negligible. Long-distance
go along the
but not to Las Terrazas or other sites of interest.
are expensive and can only be arranged in Havana, Pinar del Río or Viñales.

Best time to visit

The driest time is from January to April, when it is easiest to hike in the mountains. The orchids at Soroa are good then too. The wet season begins around May, while storms can be expected between September and November.

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