La Zona Cafetera

The three departmental capitals of La Zona Cafetera are in a north-south line, Manizales (Caldas) in the north, Pereira (Riseralda) 50 km away in the centre and Armenia (Quindío) a similar distance to the south, flanked to the east by the massif of Los Nevados. Because of the altitude, the climate is very agreeable and the road and transport facilities are good. There is much to see and enjoy and this is an excellent part of Colombia to visit with good services in the three cities. Much of the local transport in this region is by
(literally 'goat'), which are old, simple, brightly coloured buses, and jeeps, often called by the historic name 'Willys', also ancient but lovingly maintained. You will see that this area would be much the poorer without them.

All three can be reached from Bogotá by a road (309 km) passing through Facatativá and Honda and then over the Páramo de las Letras pass (3700 m, the highest main road pass in Colombia), or through Girardot to Ibagué and over the high crest of the Quindío pass (3250 m).

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