Around Bogotá

The buzz of Bogotá can sometimes be tempered by its chilly nights and frequent drizzle. But just a few hours away in most directions it can be pleasingly sunny and hot. Exiting northwest from the city, the road swiftly descends towards the Magdalena River valley and a string of pretty towns such as Guaduas and Honda. To the southwest, on the edge of the Sabana de Bogotá, lies the cloud- forested Chicaque Parque Natural, a private nature reserve popular with hikers and horse riders. Just before the road reaches the hot plains of the Magdalena River that lead to Neiva is Girardot, a popular weekend retreat for bogotanos nicknamed the 'swimming pool city'. Driving due north of Bogotá in the direction of Boyacá are two of the country's most impressive cultural trophies. The Laguna de Guatavita was a lake prized by the Muisca and is believed to be the source of the legend of El Dorado. A few kilometres beyond is the salt cathedral at Zipaquirá, a truly awe-inspiring monument to religious devotion.

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