Colombia Travel Guide

This online Colombia travel guide covers a land of superlatives. It has the third largest barrier reef, the fourth highest number of endemic species, more bird species - and possibly more festivals and carnivals - than anywhere else in the world. No other South American country has a greater variety of music and no country in the world has a people as disarmingly generous, hopelessly romantic and bafflingly optimistic. From glacier fields atop Andean peaks and Amazon rainforest to tropical coastlines and deserts, almost every type of scenery can be found here.

Its people are no less diverse. The majority
Afro-Latinos on the coast and 60 indigenous groups all contribute to the cultural mix that has produced world-renowned artists such as Gabriel García Márquez and Fernando Botero.

Forget guerrilla conflicts and kidnappings. While these still exist, their stranglehold has considerably diminished. There are still no-go areas - listed in detail in this Colombia travel guide - but the beaten track has enough barely trodden paths to satisfy anyone's quest for the authentic and the magical.

Colombia Travel Guide Highlights
Cartagena street, Colombia, Photo by szeke
Watching the sun set with an evening cocktail on the ramparts of Cartagena's walled city.
San Agustín, Colombia, Photo by Mario Carvajal
Tierradentro and San Agustín
Admiring the archaeological wonders of Tierradentro.
Ciudad Perdida, Colombia, Photo by magicmonkey
Ciudad Perdida
Trekking through the rainforest to Ciudad Perdida.
Carnaval de los Blancos y Negros in Pasto, Colombia, Photo by Camilo Andres
Carnaval de los Blancos y Negros
Getting painted black and white at the Carnaval de los Blancos y Negros in Pasto.
Whitewater rafting in San Gil, Colombia, Photo by Triangulo Del Cafe
San Gil
Whitewater rafting near San Gil.
Tatacoa desert, Colombia, Photo by Jorge Lascar
Tatacoa desert
A night under the stars in the Mars-like Tatacoa desert.
Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Colombia, Photo by luiscam
Sierra Nevada del Cocuy
Trekking among the icy peaks of the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy.
Salsa dancing in Cali, Colombia, Photo by No Lands Too Foreign
A night of dancing in Cali's salsatecas.
Salt Cathedral in Zipaquirá, Colombia, Photo by Morrisito
The majestic salt cathedral at Zipaquirá.
Coffee cherries in Zona Cafetera, Colombia, Photo by CIAT
Zona Cafetera
Staying on a coffee finca in the Zona Cafetera.
La Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia, photo by szeke
La Candelaria
Strolling the streets of La Candelaria, Bogota's colonial quarter.
Flower Festival in Medellín, Colombia, Photo by Felimartinez
Enjoying the riot of colour at Medellín's Flower Festival.

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