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Argentine Tierra del Fuego is easy to reach with several flights daily from Buenos Aires to Río Grande and Ushuaia, and less frequent flights from El Calafate, and some other towns in Patagonia. Flights are heavily booked in advance throughout the summer months. Chilean Tierra del Fuego is less easily accessed by air, daily flights from Punta Arenas to Porvenir, and five to six a week to Puerto Williams on Isla Navarino.

Ferry and bus

There are two places where ferries cross to Tierra del Fuego: from
Tres Puentes
, just north of Punta Arenas to
, and further east across
Primera Angostura
at Punta Delgada, both crossings on Chilean territory. All buses from mainland Argentina use the quicker and more frequent Punta Delgada crossing, and from Punta Arenas, buses take the road northeast to Punta Delgada, and cross by ferry there. There's a cosy tea room
Bahía Azul
on the northern side, with hot snacks and toilets. There is a daily ferry crossing (summer) from Tres Puentes, just north of Punta Arenas to Porvenir, and from here a 225 km road runs east to Río Grande (six hours) via the border at San Sebastián. (By road, Punta Arenas and Punta Delgada are connected by a good road, RN255).

Getting around

Buses between Punta Arenas and Río Grande do not pick up passengers en route. From Porvenir there is limited public transport to Cerro Sombrero and Camaron. Otherwise you will need your own high-clearance vehicle. Argentine Tierra del Fuego is much easier to get around, via Route 3 between Río Grande and Ushuaia with several buses a day. A fan of roads spreads out south and west from Río Grande to the estancias in the Argentine side, but these are unpaved, and best attempted in a 4WD vehicle. A good
road leads from 40 km east of Ushuaia to Harberton and Estancia Moat on the south coast, and part of the way along the north coast to Estancia San Pablo; no public transport here either.

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