Lago Calafquén

The most northerly of the seven lakes, Lago Calafquén is a popular tourist destination for Chileans, readily accessible by a paved road from Villarrica, along which there are fine views of the Volcán Villarrica. Wooded and dotted with small islands, the lake is reputedly one of the warmest in the region and is good for swimming. A mostly paved road runs around the lake.


Situated 30 km south of Villarrica on a peninsula on the north shore, Lican-Ray is the major resort on the lake and is named after a legendary Mapuche woman . There are two beaches, one on each side of the peninsula.
Although crowded in season, Lican-Ray can feel like a ghost town by the end of March, when most facilities have closed. Some 6 km to the east is the river of lava formed when Volcán Villarrica erupted in 1971.


Lying 21 km southeast of Lican-Ray at the eastern end of Lago Calafquén, Coñaripe is another popular Chilean tourist spot. At first sight the village is dusty and nondescript, but its setting, with a black-sand beach surrounded by mountains, is beautiful. 

Further south are the
Termas de Liquiñe
, with eight thermal springs, surrounded by a small native forest. 

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