Festivals and events

Festivals are held in all of Chiloé's towns, rotating from week to week, January and February.


Fiesta de la Piedra Santa
, 20 January, Mapuche festival of the Holy Stone in the Lake District.


The first Sunday in February is Fiesta de la Candelaria
. One of northern Chile's most important religious festivals. In mid-Feb
ruary is
Festival de la Canción
. Viña del Mar hosts the dreaded (and often dreadful) international music festival.


Campeonato Nacional de Rodeo
. National rodeo competition in Rancagua.


Fiesta de San Pedro
, 29 June, with processions, dancing and lots of fish-eating in all coastal towns and villages in celebration of the patron saint of fishermen.


La Tirana
, 16 July. This festival near Iquique, celebrating the Virgin del Carmen, is an exhilarating combination of indigenous and Catholic folklore, attended by people from all over Chile and from neighbouring Bolivia and Peru.


La Pampilla
 (13-20 September). The week-long independence celebrations in Coquimbo are the biggest in the country.


Fiesta de la Virgen de Lo Vásquez
, 8 December. The main Santiago-Valparaíso highway is closed as 80,000 faithful make the pilgrimage on foot (and sometimes even on hands and knees) to the church at Lo Vásquez.
Día de la Virgen
, 8 December, a pilgrimage to Quinchao, off Chiloé.
Fiesta Grande
 from 23-27 December is a vast pilgrimage to Andacollo. In late December is
Carnavales Culturales.
3 days of dance, music, theatre and street performance in Valparaíso leading up to the New Year celebrations.
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