Caribbean Islands Travel Guide

Swaying palm trees, golden beaches, a hammock at siesta time, sunset rum cocktails... All of this is covered in our online Caribbean Islands Travel Guide. The heat of the tropical sun induces lethargy and all the conditions for a relaxing holiday. Sun, sea and sand are offered in abundance in the Caribbean and it is easy to adapt to the unhurried pace of island living. After dark, when it is cooler, everyone comes out to play, to promenade, to sing and dance. This is the time to turn up a different sort of heat. Take hold of a partner and gyrate your hips in time with the local music, whether it be salsa, reggae, merengue or any other local dance. The people of the islands will be delighted to give you some hands-on tuition.

Our Caribbean Islands travel guide covers the diverse mix of islands and their cultures which vary according to their ethnic blend. Starting with the different Amerindian tribes, the melting pot has been added to by colonizers: the Spanish, French, English, Dutch, American, Danish, Swedish, followed by their slaves of various African tribes, indentured labourers from India or China and immigrants from Arab countries. Skin colour and features can differ greatly even within families, depending on their ancestors. Despite the huge US influence everywhere (except Cuba), most islands have kept their own identities and traditions based on their own experience of immigration: enjoy Carnival in Trinidad; dance salsa in Cuba; stay in the highest hotel in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in Saba; dive a sunken Russian frigate off Cayman Brac; worship in the oldest synagogue in the Western Hemisphere in Curaçao; watch African big drum music in Carriacou; immerse yourself in reggae in Jamaica; be initiated into the rites of voodoo in Haiti; ride the sugar train in St Kitts - all of which is covered in our Caribbean Islands travel guide. And, in addition to all that, you can sit back and sample the local rum - everywhere.

Caribbean Islands Travel Guide Highlights
La Habana Vieja, Havana, Cuba, photo by Jose Miguel Hernandez Leon
Havana, Cuba
The capital city that never sleeps, rumba and salsa are its life blood.
Soufrière Hills Volcano, Monserrat, Photo by David Stanley
Soufrière Hills Volcano, Monserrat
The volcano still rumbles but is now a tourist attraction.
Blue Mountains, Jamaica, Photo by Daryle Dickens
Blue Mountains, Jamaica
Home of great coffee and forest hikes.
The Grenadines, Windward Islands, Photo by ctsnow
The Grenadines, Windward Islands
Tiny island retreats, glorious beaches and exhilirating sailing.
Diving in Little Cayman, Cayman Islands, Photo by bettyx1138
Little Cayman, Cayman Islands
A diver's paradise with virgin walls and reefs and excellent visibility.
Beach in Barbados, Caribbean, Photo by gemteck1
The holiday capital of the Caribbean.
La Citadelle, Haiti, Photo by le-Korrigan
La Citadelle, Haiti
Mountain-top fortress, symbol of the only successful black slave revolution.
Scarlet Ibis, Tobago, Photo by Schristia
Tobago, Trinidad & Tobago
Beaches and birdwatching, dining and diving, unspoilt and unrushed.
Pico Duarte, Dominican Republic, Photo by Sosuaonline
Pico Duarte, Dominican Republic
The tallest mountain in the Caribbean and a mecca for hikers.
Carnival in Trinidad, Trinidad & Tobago, Photo by sfmissiondotcom
Trinidad Carnival, Trinidad
The best Mardi Gras in the world.
Beach in the British Virgin Islands, Photo by New Jersey Birds
British Virgin Islands
A sailors' playground; dozens of protected bays and islands.
Diving in Bonaire, Leeward Antilles, Caribbean, Photo by icelight
Bonaire, Leeward Antilles
Pristine underwater scenery, a divers' delight.
Saba, Leeward Islands, Photo by MagicOlf
Saba, Leeward Islands
A tiny Dutch outpost with glorious views and diving.
Divi Tree on the beach in Aruba, Leeward Antilles, Caribbean, Photo by Serge Melki
Aruba, Leeward Antilles
Windsurfing by day, casinos and partying by night.

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