Planning a trip to Brazil

Planning a trip to Brazil can take some time. This country is vast. Only four countries - Canada, China, Russia and the United States - are larger. And it's not all Amazon jungle. There are iconic cities, like Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Salvador; there's the watery wilderness of the Pantanal, the ground-shaking Iguaçu Falls, a spectacular coastline, carnival, samba, football ... Clearly you are going to have to make a few hard choices when it comes to planning a trip Brazil. Use our selection of itineraries as a guideline for what is possible within different time frames, and have a look at our sections on the best time to visit Brazil and places to visit in Brazil.

Planning a trip to Brazil

Planning a trip to Brazil: Brazil itinerary
Brazil itinerary
Pick from our suggested itineraries.

Planning a trip to Brazil: Best time to visit
Best time to visit Brazil
Find out the best time to visit.
Planning a trip to Brazil: Places in Brazil
Places in Brazil
We share our must-see places!

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