Brazil Travel Guide

Use this online Brazil travel guide to help plan your trip to this dynamic and diverse nation.

There are few countries as beautiful and vibrant as Brazil. Travel to the Amazon, and you will see virgin forest stretch unbroken for more than 2500 km in every direction. The table-top mountains of the interior are covered in medicinal plants and drained by mineral-rich rivers that tumble through gorges and rush over spectacular tiered waterfalls, up to 3 km wide. Thousands of miles of pristine beaches line its coast, some backed by dunes the size of deserts, others by forests of swaying palms. In the Pantanal, the world's biggest wetland, herons and egrets fill the air like butterflies. Tiny cobble and whitewash gold-mining towns contrast with the metropolises of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador and Recife, which offer the most exciting and surprising urban culture in Latin America.

Brazil Travel Guide Highlights
Brazil Travel Guide: Rio de Janeiro, Photo by Endless Traveller
Rio de Janeiro
Rio is known to the locals as the 'City of Marvels'.
Brazil Travel Guide: Pernambuco, Carnival, Photo by Alex Robinson
Pernambuco Carnival
Carnival in Pernambuco is the most exuberant in Brazil.
Brazil Travel Guide: Itatiaia National Park, Photo by Dario Sanchez
Itatiaia National Park
Itatiaia National Park offers superb birdwatching in the rainforest
Brazil Travel Guide: Marajó Island, Photo by CasaIMALY
Marajó Island
As big as Denmark, Marajó Island is largely unexplored.
Brazil Travel Guide: São Paulo samba scene, Photo by Milton Jung-CBNSP
São Paulo
Brazil's best music and nightlife make São Paulo the party capital.
Brazil Travel Guide: Amazon River, Photo by S36224482 ANDInc
The Amazon
Homestays can be arranged with riverine communities in the Amazon.
Brazil Travel Guide: Iguaçu Falls, Photo by Eduardo Rivero
Iguaçu Falls
The Iguaçu Falls thunder off red cliffs in pristine, parrot-filled rainforest.
Brazil Travel Guide: Chapada dos Veadeiros, Photo by Ricardo Pipo
Chapada dos Veadeiros
Quartz mountains and waterfalls in the Chapada dos Veadeiros.
Brazil Travel Guide: Bahia beach, Photo by Schmid Christophe
Cariocas flock to the beaches of southern Bahia for their holidays.
Brazil Travel Guide: The Pantanal, Photo by H.Damke
The Pantanal
The Pantanal is South America's prime wildlife viewing area.
Brazil Travel Guide: The Abrolhos Archipelago, Photo by  SS13499590_ostil
The Abrolhos Archipelago
The Abrolhos Archipelago attracts humpback whales in summer.
Brazil Travel Guide: Cristalino Rainforest Reserve, Photo by Roberto Tetsuo Okamura
Mato Grosso Amazon
The Mato Grosso to home to different bird species and hundreds of other species.

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