When to go

Bolivia can be enjoyed year-round. The country
has well-defined summer (warm and wet, November-March) and winter (cold and dry, May-September) seasons. Temperature and humidity vary with altitude. The Altiplano is cool and relatively dry all year, with bitterly cold nights in winter, down to -30°C in places. This is nevertheless the best climbing and trekking season. The lowlands are hot most of the year, except when the cold
wind blows in from the Argentine pampas during the winter. There are also fewer biting insects in the lowlands at this time. Cochabamba and those valleys of intermediate altitude enjoy Bolivia's most benign climate. Harvest season (January-April) offers delights of its own, with luscious grapes, peaches, plums, pears and other temperate fruits in abundance.

The main consideration for visitors is how the weather affects travel. Landslides and washed-out roads are common after heavy rains and parts of the northern jungle
may be cut off for weeks at a time. The
 Administradora Boliviana de Carreteras
www.abc.gov.bo, provides daily updates on road conditions throughout the country.

The busiest time of the year for tourism is June-August, holiday season in Europe and North America. However, facilities are seldom crowded and advance bookings are only necessary at the best-known attractions such as the Salar and national parks around
Rurrenabaque. It's worth checking if your visit coincides with any local holidays or festivals; hotels and transport may be heavily booked, especially during Carnaval, and prices rise sharply. A few establishments may close in the low season (December-February).
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