La Paz to Coroico

All routes from La Paz to the Yungas go via La Cumbre, a pass at 4725 m, northeast of the city and reached in about one hour. There are towering snow-capped peaks all around.

All roads to Coroico drop over 3500 m in about 70 km to the green semi-tropical forest, an unforgettable ride. The best views are in May and June, when there is less chance of fog and rain. Many visitors to Coroico hire mountain bikes or go as part of a mountain-bike tour. The ride is magnificent in good weather but lives up to its reputation for danger. Cycling cautiously as well as choosing a well-maintained bike and a reputable tour operator are your own responsibility . Some roads may not be passable in the rainy season, December to March, when most operators do not even offer the bike ride. 

Cotapata National Park

This tiny (583 sq-km) park is located just 20 km northeast of La Paz on a paved road. The park is especially well known for its wealth of medicinal plants and vegetation. For such a small area, it has amazing biological diversity, with more than 1800 identified species and still others as yet unclassified.

As popular as it is, even given its proximity to La Paz, Cotapata is still largely unregulated and has no infrastructure, or accommodation.

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