Lake Titicaca

The startlingly limpid waters of Lake Titicaca straddle Bolivia and Peru only a few hours from La Paz. With the towering peaks of the Cordillera Real as a backdrop, you can wander along its shores, passing through traditional villages where Spanish is a second language and where ancient myths and beliefs still hold true.

Lake Titicaca is officially two lakes joined by the Straits of Tiquina. The larger, northern lake - Lago Mayor, or Chucuito - contains the Islas del Sol and de la Luna at its southern end. The smaller lake - Lago Menor, or HuiƱamarca - has several small islands. The waters are a beautiful intense blue, reflecting the hills and the distant cordillera in
the shallows of HuiƱamarca, mirroring the sky in the rarified air and changing colour when it is cloudy or raining.

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