Bolivia Travel Guide

Use this Bolivia travel guide to help plan your trip to one of South America's most rugged countries.

Bolivia is 'for real'. Like its luminescent sky it remains largely unpolluted and, in the age of Disneyfication, stands out for its authenticity. The country has over 17 million hectares of protected natural areas - including Parque Nacional Kaa-Iya del Gran Chaco which is larger than Belgium - but isolation is what best preserves the intense and often bizarre beauty of Bolivia's landscapes, no less than the cultural integrity of its peoples. Both remain intact because they are difficult to reach, hence travelling here requires patience and effort. The rewards make it all worthwhile because they are as genuine as the challenges and hazards.

This Bolivia travel guide will take you from the shores of Titicaca, the world's highest navigable lake, to the lost world of Noel Kempff MercadoNational Park, following in the footsteps of dinosaurs, bandits and revolutionaries. In Bolivia, there are not only tours, guides and lodges but also endless opportunities for off-the-beaten-path exploration with great rest stops, cities and towns in between.

Bolivia Travel Guide Highlights
La Paz Markets, Bolivia, Photo by Andrea Nord
La Paz Markets
Shop in the multicoloured indigenous area of La Paz.
Lake Titicaca, Bolivia, Photo by P.Zonzel
Lake Titicaca
Crystal-clear waters and skies and the stunning holy island of Isla del Sol.
Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, Photo by javarman
Remnants and artefacts of a giant ancient civilisation.
Potosí - highest city in the world - Bolivia, Photo by Chris Howey
Poverty and silver mines in the highest city in the world.
Salar de Uyuni (Salt Plains), Bolivia, Photo by Guido-Amrein,Switzerland
Salar de Uyuni
Vast white salt plain with stunning views and cactus-covered islands.
Rurrenabaque, Bolivia, Photo by Phillie Casablanca
Catch a tour upriver to Madidi or downriver to the pampas.
World's most dangerous road, Bolivia, Photo by Phillie Casablanca
World's most dangerous road
Downhill adrenalin rush on two wheels.
Jesuit Missions, La Chiquitanía, Bolivia, Photo by PJFurlong06
Jesuit missions
Six surviving Jesuit mission churches in UNESCO World Heritage villages.
Sucre, Bolivia, Photo by Gary Yim
Attractive whitewashed colonial city with a lively student culture.
Mount Illampu, Sorata, Bolivia, Photo by Harold Toepfer
Beautiful centre for trekking and biking in the Cordillera Real.

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