Tucumán province

One of the country's largest cities lies in one of its smallest provinces. Its subtropical climate is ideal for growing sugar, tobacco and lemons. Outside the modern provincial capital, in the surrounding mountains to the north and west, is the popular weekend retreat of Tafí del Valle, with its cool microclimate. Further northwest, on the route to Cafayate in Salta, are the delightful small towns of Amaichá del Valle and Santa María, over the border in Catamarca, both good bases for exploring Quilmes - one of Argentina's most important archaeological sites. Here you can wander around the extensive remains of a city of 5000 Calchaquíes, built into the side of a mountain amidst breathtaking scenery. Combine Tucumán with Salta via the spectacular drive from Tafí del Valle and Amaichá, stopping at Quilmes, and then up the Valle Calchaquí along Ruta 40. It's an unforgettably beautiful experience. For more information, see www.tucumanturismo.gov.ar

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