The Northeast

Shutterstock/11856964/Jason MaehlOf all Argentina's many natural wonders, there is nothing quite as spectacular as Iguazú Falls . With a magical setting in subtropical rainforest, alive with birdsong and the constant dancing of butterflies, the colossal Garganta del Diablo waterfall at their centre is an unforgettable sight. Take a boat underneath and get drenched in the spray, or stroll along nature trails at first light. Along red earth roads through emerald green vegetation, Misiones province holds other delights: Jesuit missions unearthed from the jungle at San Ignacio, and the extraordinary Saltos de Moconá, 3000 m of falls more horizontal than vertical.

El Litoral's wealth of wildlife is astounding. In the vast wetlands of Esteros del Iberá, giant storks and caiman nestle between floating islands and water lilies. In Mburucuyá tall palms wave in grasslands and passion flowers thrive in abundance. In the Chaco, watch out for pumas and monkeys, while the palm forests of Entre Rios are centuries old. Stop on the lazy Paraná river for relaxed, pretty Colón with its port and sandy beaches and the faded splendour of Paraná. For more stimulation, historical Corrientes is a riot at Carnival time, and lively Rosario's hotbed of culture produces the country's finest musicians.

The northeast's rich culture stems from its indigenous peoples, the Guaraní and Wichí, who produce beautiful art. The gently meandering rivers set the pace, giving the land its lush vegetation and generating in its people a charming laid-back warmth.
Yerba mate
is grown for the nation's favourite drink, and everywhere you'll encounter friends gathered on riverbanks on balmy afternoons sipping from their

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