Deciding what regions, cities and attractions to visit whilst travelling in Argentina will be hard as it offers such diverse geography: snow, desert, lakes and an endless coastline. Buenos Aires is like a modern European city: life races past the grand baroque buildings, and there are hip bars and chic boutiques, but step into a
and the mysterious rituals of the tango belong to a previous century. At one end of the country the mighty IguazĂș Falls thunder through lush jungle, filled with electric-blue butterflies. At the other end, silent glaciers stretch out endlessly before you, until they shatter with a roar and a splash into a milky turquoise-blue lagoon. And in between? Infinite space. Drive the Ruta 40 through the lonely expanse of Patagonia and the only sign of life will be a couple of condors and a thousand prehistoric handprints on a cave wall. Yet throughout the country, from dusty Salta to freezing Ushuaia, the Argentine people are generous, friendly and always approachable. Use our selection of itineraries as a guideline for what is possible within different time frames, and have a look at our sections on when and where to go.

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