Esquel, Trevelin and Los Alerces National Park

This southernmost area of the lakes is the most Patagonian in feel, with pioneer towns Esquel and
Trevelin caught between the wild open steppe to the east and the dramatic mountains of the Andes to the west. Esquel retains the quiet charm of an ordinary country town - with one very famous attraction.
It's the starting point for the narrow-gauge railway known as La Trochita, an atmospheric way to see the surrounding landscape, but the town also boasts a family ski resort and a few places to trek and mountain bike. Far more tranquil is the village of Trevelin, which still bears signs of its origins as a Welsh colony: Welsh is still spoken in the streets, you can try an enormous 'traditional' Welsh tea, and there's a fascinating old flour mill to visit in the pretty landscape towards the Chilean border. Both towns make good bases for exploring the most unspoilt national park in the Lake District: Los Alerces. With just one road running through it, the park has pristine forested mountains and several stunning lakes, and is best enjoyed on foot. There are wonderful hikes, boat trips to see ancient alerce trees, and some unforgettable views, like Río Arrayanes and Lago Verde. Since this
area is less developed for tourism than the rest of the lakes, it's best to hire a car to see it independently
if you don't want to do a full-day tour.

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