Argentina Travel Guide

Use this online Argentina travel guide to plan your trip to the land of waterfalls, glaciers, tango and Tierra del Fuego. Buenos Aires is like a modern European city: life races past grand baroque buildings, hip bars and chic boutiques, but step into a milonga and the mysterious rituals of tango belong to a previous century. At one end of Argentina the mighty Iguazú Falls thunder through lush jungle, while at the other extreme, silent glaciers stretch out endlessly in Patagonia. The serene Beagle Channel meets Argentina's most southerly city, the windy and rugges Ushuaia, a jumping off point for the wilds of Antarctica.

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Argentina Travel Guide Highlights
Argentina travel guide: San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Photo by Daniel Korzeniewski
San Telmo
The oldest and most atmospheric district in Buenos Aires.
Argentina travel guide: Esteros del Iberá, Argentina, Photo by Eduardo Rivero
Esteros del Iberá
A birdwatcher's heaven and floating islands in paradise.
Argentina travel guide: Gothic Cathedral, Córdoba, Argentina, Photo by Expat Bob
Less hectic than Buenos Aires and just as vibrant.
Argentina travel guide: Los Alceres National Park, Argentina, Photo by G Perretto
Los Alerces National Park
Basking whales, penguin colonies and harems of sea lions on glorious beaches.
Argentina travel guide: Mount Aconcagua, Argentina, Photo by Johnathan Esper
The highest peak on the continent, only for the fit and super motivated.
Argentina travel guide: basking whale, Peninsula Valdés, Argentina, Photo by Eduardo Rivero
Península Valdés
Basking whales, penguin colonies and harems of sea lions.
Argentina travel guide: Quebrada de Humahuaca, Argentina, Photo by Jody
Quebrada de Humahuaca
Stunning multi-coloured gorges of terracotta with ancient oasis villages.
Argentina travel guide: Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina, Photo by Pablo H Caridad
Perito Moreno Glacier
The world's only advancing and retreating glacier.
Argentina travel guide: Iguazú Falls, Argentina, Photo by Eduardo Rivero
Iguazú Falls
The spectacular sight of 275 waterfalls converging on one spot.
Argentina travel guide: Mount Fitz Roy, Argentina, Photo by Xu Ra
Mount Fitz Roy
Trekking heaven around the granite peak of Mount Fitz Roy.
Argentina travel guide: San Ignacio Mini, Jesuit Mission, Argentina, Photo by Juan
San Ignacio

Quiet San Ignacio has the ruins of a Jesuit mission at its heart.
Argentina travel guide: Estancia Harberton, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, Photo by Liam Q
Estancia Harberton
Experience pioneer life on the serene Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego.

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