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Latest releases

Guyana, Guyane & Suriname Handbook, 2nd Edition

The Guianas are an intriguing combination of Calypso and palm trees, Dutch place names, Hindu temples, French cafés, and Amerindian rainforest villages. Whether you're exploring the incredible Kaieteur Falls or admiring the wooden colonial buildings of Paramaribo, Footprint's Handbook covers all the sights in this undiscovered region.

Peru, Bolivia & Ecuador Handbook, 5th Edition

Linked by the sinuous spine of the Andes, Peru, Bolivia & Ecuador are born of a synthesis of ancient America and medieval Europe. Our Handbook will guide you from the unforgettably unique Galápagos Islands, through the awe-inspiring citadel of Machu Picchu, to the shimmering turquoise waters of Lake Titicaca.

Nepal Handbook, 3rd Edition

Roof of the world, land of legend and beauty - within its narrow confines, Nepal contains an utterly spectacular variety of culture and landscapes. Our 3rd edition Nepal Handbook will guide you from the vast sweep of Himalayan peaks to ornate temples and pagodas.

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Lebanon Handbook

Take a stroll around Beirut and you will understand why they call this city the 'Paris of the...
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