Footprint Authors On The Road

Footprint Authors: On The Road

Our authors are always travelling but, fortnightly, they steal themselves away from their current Footprint Guidebook to share their experiences of life on the road.

From curious folklore to little known festivities, these On The Road articles, found in the Travel section of the Independent, are guaranteed to both spellbind and inspire.

Here are a few of the most recent features, in case you missed them. 

On the Road: See a different side of Venice by boarding a kayak by Liz Harper

On the Road in Reykjavik, Iceland: Chill out with the locals in a watering hole by Laura Dixon

On the Road in Hanoi, Vietnam: Karaoke, bikes, loudspeakers - peaceful it's not by Terry Carter

On the Road in Dominican Republic: the waters are rising... and no-one knows why by Sarah Cameron

On the Road in Colombia: Dreaming of whales of the Pacific Coast by Ben Box

On The Road in Brussels: Never mind the antiques, I'll take the chocolate  by Laura Dixon

On The Road: A dip in the sea in the south of France by Laura Dixon 

On the road in Antigua, Guatemala: Red is the colour in this land of rum and lava by Julius Honnor

On the Road: Sao Luis, Brazil by Alex Robinson

On The Road in Ibiza: Drawn to the good life as inspiration kicks in by Caroline Sylger Jones

On The Road: Cuba by Claire Boobbyer

On The Road: For a true taste of spring, try the Lakeland damsons by David Atkinson

On The Road: Swimming with mantas in the Maldives
by Shaun Tierney

On The Road: Saved by the sun after a ride in an airborne freezer
by Lizzie Wells 

On The Road: Slippers, saffron and a game of hide and souk in Marrakech
by Alan Murphy

On The Road: A corner of the Catalan capital where absurdity meets innovation
by Mary Ann Gallagher

On The Road: Taiwans long and winding highway to the clouds and beyond
by Alex Robinson 

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