A Footprint Fiesta

Sunday 2nd July was fiesta time for us here at Footprint!

A toast to the Dawsons

Footprint, as it is today, is due to the endeavours of the Dawson family, who took on the South American Handbook in 1971 and transformed the company, broadening our range of publications and reaching a new generation of travellers.

A party was held as a dual celebration: to the future of Footprint, and to mark the retirement of Patrick Dawson, the last member of the Dawson family to be involved in the day-to-day running of the company.

(Pic of Pat, Liz,James and Ro)

From left: Patrick Dawson, Liz Dawson, James Dawson & Rosemary Dawson

We were joined by Footprinters and friends old and new, as well faces from across the travel and publishing worlds such as Wanderlust Magazine, Trailblazer Guides, and Craenen Maps, to name just a few.

The party was held at the picturesque Bathwick Boatman, and the beautiful weather we were blessed with made our Latin American-themed playlist (inspired by ¡Como No!) go down very well.

Many thanks to the sponsors who supported our event: Pacari Chocolate, Bath Ales and Bath Gin (who provided us with a brilliant Latin American inspired cocktail recipe especially for the event; see here to learn more).

(More pics)

The first arrivals

From left: Footprint authors Huw Hennessy, Ben Box, Sarah Cameron & Caitlin Hennessy

Brothers Patrick Dawson (left) & James Dawson

Patrick Dawson & John Sadler (right), with Gift Pack kindly provided by Bath Ales

Bath Gin bunting at the venue

The beautiful view from the terrace

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