Advertising in Footprint Travel Guides is a cost effective way of targeting people both during the planning stages of their trips, and whilst they are on the road. Book advertising rates start at just £325.

Online banner advertising opportunities are also available to complement your print advertising, with spaces on either specific destination pages, or on our book pages.   

For further information and to gain a detailed understanding of how you can best promote your business to a targeted audience in line with your individual requirements, please contact Debbie Wylde on:

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Never Mind the Bollards

Strap yourself in for a magical musical ride to the very core of England's rock 'n' roll heritage....

Cold Water Souls

The era of the Endless Summer is over, and a whole new occluded front of surf exploration has...

Lebanon Handbook

Take a stroll around Beirut and you will understand why they call this city the 'Paris of the...
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Lebanon Handbook

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