The world in the 1990s:

  • Apartheid regime in South Africa was terminated
  • The Cold War officially ended
  • Use of the Internet grew exponentially
  • The Channel Tunnel opened, connecting Britain and France by rail
  • Hong Kong was returned to China
  • Control of the Panama Canal was transferred to Panama
  • The Euro was introduced as the new currency of Europe

By the 1990s, travel to South America was popular for travellers from many walks of life, and the continent was accessible to many. Use of the Internet and technology was starting to alter the way we viewed the world and the way we travelled. The South American Handbook marked its 70th anniversary in 1994, and began to more closely resemble it's current incarnation.

"Buying clothing locally can help you look less like a tourist."

"Men wearing earrings are liable to be ridiculed in more 'macho' communities."

"For prolonged motoring over 3000 metres, you may need to fit high altitude jets on your carburettors. Some fuel injection engines need adjusting too, and ignition settings may have to be changed."

Did you travel with the South American Handbook in the 1990s? If you'd like to share your experiences, let us know.

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