The world in the '20s:

  • The Prince of Wales made a tour of the South American continent in 1925, stopping in Montevideo, Buenos Aires, the Argentine plains, Santiago de Chile & Valparaiso.
  • Pharoah Tutankhamun's tomb was discovered in Egypt
  • Modern Turkey was founded
  • Talking movies were invented
  • Penicillin was discovered
  • Sliced bread was invented

The South American Handbook was born in the 1920s. Looking back 90 years, it's truly amazing how much travel and transport has changed since the first edition, and it reminds us what a privilege it is that we can hop on a plane and cross the world with relative ease. Check out some of the advice given to travellers in the 1920s, some of which is now a little outdated...!

"The principal cities and the most frequented routes possess all modern refinements and advantages."

"One reason for taking a good supply of linen is the wear and tear on such articles by laundering. In the more remote places primitive methods of washing are used, with detrimental effects upon one's apparel."

"In all the Latin American Republics, it is necessary to a greater or lesser degree to use mules, donkeys, burros, and horses for certain journeys."

"South American ladies dress with elegance, and, consistently with moderation in the quantity of their baggage, lady passengers are well advised to take new and becoming clothing."

"The contents of one steamer trunk and one suitcase, and with a handbag for soiled linen, meet the ordinary requirements of one person."

"A dinner jacket serves for evening wear, and plain evening dresses are advised for ladies. Fancy dresses for dancing are a useful addenda."

In Brazil: "Copacabana is the popular bathing resort. Stringent regulations are made with regard to costumes."

"Telephones exist in most of the principal towns of the Rebuplic of Brazil"

"Coloured spectacles as a protection against sun-glare are items more necessary in certain parts of the continent than others."

Advertisements from the South American Handbook in the 1920s:

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