Thailand Travel Guide

Thailand is a proud and independent place that burns fiercely with the white heat of modernity while revering the links to its historic past. In recent years the country has witnessed dramatic politic upheaval as ordinary Thais seek to assert their democratic will over the old power structures and elites. Yet the royalist traces of ancient Siam, authentic street food and gorgeous silks still sit side by side with massive industry, a thick fug of traffic jams, fast food and seminal hi-tech. Get used to the idea that Thailand has become a highly advanced 21st-century society, complete with iPads and fast-food chains and you can then enjoy its other countless attractions with a hint of realism.

Thailand Travel Guide Highlights
Thailand Travel Guide: Mae Hong Son Photo by Thor Jorgen Udvang
Mae Hong Son
Visit an ethnically diverse hill tribe village, set in lush terraced highlands.
Thailand Travel Guide: Silmilan boat, Photo by Dimenty
Koh Similan
This archipelago has more species than a tropical rainforest; go diving and see a fraction of them.
Thailand Travel Guide: Wat Phra That Lampang Luang, Photo by Freppe
Wat Phra That Lampang Luang
Marvel at the elegant and refined architecture at possibly the finest wat in Thailand.
Thailand Travel Guide: Chiang Mai, Photo by Xscream1
Chiang Mai
Monasteries, bazaars and great food are just some of the attractions of this northern favourite.
Thailand Travel Guide: Sukhothai, Photo by Minyun9260
Thailand's Golden Age is reflected in this sprawling citadel of temples, palaces and monuments.
Thiland Travel Guide: Mekong River, Photo by Mae Hong Son
Mekong River
Sip a cold beer or float on an inner tube on the river in the relaxed of Nong Khai.
Thailand Travel Guide: Ayutthaya, Photo by Sstrickler123
Explore the ruins of a plundered and glorious former capital.
Thailand Travel Guide: Koh Chang, Photo by Meenna
Phnom Rung
Immerse yourself in Thai history at this splendid 10th- to 13th-century Khmer sanctuary.
Thailand Travel Guide: Kanchanaburi, Photo by Noppakun
A dizzying combination of infamous history and great natural surroundings, including waterfalls and caves.
Thailand travel guide: Koh Chang, Photo by Meenna
Koh Chang
Despite being a short hop from Bangkok, this is the least known of Thailand's large islands.
Thailand Travel Guide: Grand Palace Photo by Sepavo
Grand Palace
An overblown series of buildings, seen as the heart of the nation, in Bangkok's Old City.
Thailand Travel Guide: Tao Diving, Photo by Viniko2010
Gulf of Thailand islands
Visit Phangan for parties, Tao for diving and Samui for everything else.

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