Samosir Island

With a large number of traditional Batak villages, fine examples of rumah adat or traditional houses, cemeteries, churches, enigmatic stone carvings, good swimming, hiking, cheap lodgings and few cars, Samosir Island has proved a favourite destination for travellers. Surrounded by the lake and mist-cloaked mountains, which rise precipitously from the narrow 'coastal' strip on the eastern shore, it is one of the most naturally beautiful and romantic spots in Southeast Asia.

Accommodation is concentrated on the Tuk Tuk Peninsula, Tomok and Ambarita, although there are basic guesthouses scattered across the island. Rooms with a lake view are double the price of those without. Camping is also easy on Samosir. Food on the island is good and cheap; there are a number of warungs in Tomok, Ambarita and on the Tuk Tuk Peninsula.

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