Flores and around

Flores stretches over 350 km from east to west, but at most only 70 km from north to south. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the Lesser Sundas. Mountainous, with steep-sided valleys cut through by fast-flowing rivers, dense forests and open savanna landscapes, Flores embraces a wide range of ecological zones. One of the local names for the island is Nusa Nipa or 'Serpent Island', because of its shape.

Overland transport on Flores, 375 km in length, is neither quick nor comfortable. The Trans-Flores Highway is quite bearable, though travelling on it once is usually enough for most people. The road twists and turns through breathtaking scenery for more than 700 km. The Highway stretches from Labuanbajo in the east to Larantuka in the west.

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