Pangandaran is situated on the neck of a narrow isthmus and offers the best beaches on the south coast of Java. Originally a fishing village, many of the local people now derive their livelihoods from tourism. At weekends, during peak season, the town is crowded with Indonesian tourists; out of season, on weekdays, it is like a ghost town and hotel and losmen prices can be bargained down. The high season is June to September, the low season October to March.

On 17 July 2006, Pangandaran was hit by a tsunami. The tidal wave, at least 3 m high, devastated the coastal strip ploughing as far inland as 400 m and washing away hundreds of houses and businesses. Many locals have heartbreaking stories to tell and are trying hard to rebuild their lives, but there is still plenty of evidence of the disaster. The owner of Lotus Wisata, Lia Natalia, whose business was washed away, has an album of photos taken after the tsunami showing the immediate damage.

Look for the
Jalur Evakuasi
(Evacuation Route) signs around town in the unlikely event of another disaster occurring.

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