Bogor is centred on the lush botanical gardens, with views over red-tiled roofs stacked one on top of the other and toppling down to the Ciliwung River, which runs through the middle of the town and gardens. The Ciliwung, which has cut a deep gorge, has also become a convenient place to discard rubbish, marring some of the views in the process. The town has a large Christian community and a surprising number of Western fast-food outlets and department stores. These serve the population of wealthy Indonesians who live here and commute into Jakarta. A scattering of old colonial buildings is still to be found around town - for instance, set back from the road on Jalan Suryakencana.

The town lies 290 m above sea level in an upland valley, surrounded by Gunungs Salak, Pangrango and Gede. Average temperatures are a pleasant 26°C, significantly cooler than Jakarta, but rainfall is the highest in Java at 3000-4000 mm per year. The Dutch, quite literally sick to death of the heat, humidity and the swampy conditions of Jakarta, developed Bogor as a hill retreat.

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