Indonesia Travel Guide

Indonesia is one of those countries your mother would wince at upon hearing that you're planning to visit. (Although she'd probably feel better if you brought along a Footprint Indonesia travel guide.) Indeed, the last 10 years have seen this nation in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. However, the world's largest archipelago has always promised great travel adventures and still does, from trekking through virgin rainforest in Sumatra, diving deep canyon walls in Komodo marine park and raving in hip clubs in Jakarta with the beautiful elite. While parts of Indonesia seem empty of tourists, this is a great chance to learn some Bahasa, mingle with welcoming locals and have a more genuine experience than travel on the well-worn trails of mainland Southeast Asia.

Indonesia Travel Guide Highlights
Indonesia Travel Guide: Bali, Photo by Tomas97
Excellent diving and surfing, traditional culture and a vibrant nightlife.
Indonesia Travel Guide: Ubud, Photo by Simon Gurney
The cultural heart of Bali.
Indonesia Travel Guide: Borobudur, Photo by Olga Khoroshunova
The largest single Buddhist structure in the world; surrounded by volcanoes and shrouded in mystery.
Indonesia Travel Guide: Gili Islands
Gili Islands
Golden sand beaches and the best snorkelling and diving off Lombok.
Indonesia Travel Guide: Sumatra, Photo by Rene Drouyer
Magnificent natural landscapes and one of the last remaining habitats of the orang-utan.
Indonesia Travel Guide: Komodo, Photo by  Carlos Caetano
Komodo national park
Home to the last living dragons.
Indonesia Travel Guide: Jakarta, Photo by Teguh Teguh
If you have one night out in Indonesia make it in Jakarta.
Indonesia Travel Guide: Danau Toba, Photo by Tomas97
Danau Toba
One of the most beautiful areas in Southeast Asia.
Indonesia Travel Guide: Gunung Bromo, Photo by Paop
Gunung Bromo
An active volcano and one of the most popular natural sights on Java.
Indonesia Travel Guide: Java, Photo by Eduardo A Wibowo
Some of the finest kratons (palaces) in the country.
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