History of Tanzania

The history of Tanzania is also, scientists believe, the history of mankind. The Olduvai Gorge has been considered the 'cradle of humanity' since the discovery of two types of hominids from the Australopithecine era. During the past 1000-2000 years numurous groups of people have settled in Tanzania, inter-marrying with the Cushitic locals and contributing to the ethnic mix which exists today. Arab traders extended their influence over coastal areas during the Middle Ages and the Portuguese followed in the mid-15th century. The first Europeans to travel in Tanzania were missionaries and explorers. By 1898 the German Empire had Tanzania firmly under their control and the region was a German colony until end of the First World War when it was handed to Britain. As with much of Africa, colonial rule finally gave way to independence in the 1960s and the nation of Tanzania was born.

Pre-historic Tanzania
Arab and Portuguese traders
European colonisation
First World War
The British period
Post-Independence Tanzania

Highlights in the history of Tanzania
History of Tanzania: Olduvai Gorge by Oldupai
Olduvai Gorge
Believed by scientists to be the 'cradle of humanity'.
History of Tanzania: Askari army by Walther Dobbertin
Askari Army in WWI
The German Colonial Army had 11,000 askari (local) troops.

History of Tanzania: Flag of British Tanganyika by Mysid
British Tanganyika (1919-1961)
The British ruled Tanzania following the German defeat in WWI.
History of Tanzania: President Juilius Nyerere with Richard von Weizs├Ącker by Ulrich-Wienke
President Julius Nyerere
Julius Nyerere was the first President of Tanzania.

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