History of Namibia

The history of Namibia begins 45,000 years ago, and spans across its vast plains and harsh deserts.  Ancient cave paintings, believed to have been created by Bushmen, have existed in the Hans Mountains for some 27,000 years.  When the Damara people settled in Namibia, they brought with them communal hunting techniques, and the cultivation of tobacco.  During the Oorlam migration, Namibia’s tribes co-existed peacefully along side herds of cattle, sheep, and goats.  Early explorers, such as Diego Cao and Bartholomeu Diaz landed on the barren coast, and it was not until the 19th century that missionaries began to transform the coast into a more agricultural setting.  The History of Namibia experienced change in 1870 with the peace accord, and the land was harmonious until a decade later when central Namibia was in conflict.  Namibia experienced rapid economic growth in 1908 and infrastructural development, mainly due to the discovery of diamonds at Kolmanskop near Lüderitz. 

Pre-colonial Namibia
Oorlam migration
Missionaries and traders
The 1870 Peace Accord
Namibia becomes a colonial possession
The 1904-1907 German-Namibian War
Economic development
League of Nations mandate
Road to independence

Key Periods in the history of Namibia

Namibia Travel Guide: Agriculture
Arrival of the Europeans

Agriculture grew as missionaries began to act as the focal points for traders from the cape.

Namibia Travel Guide: Adolph Jentsch
Outbreak of War

The three year war ended with victory for the Germans and the consolidation of their colonial rule over Namibia.

Namibia Travel Guide: Samuel Maharero
German Colonisation

Samuel Maharero was a Herero leader who was surrounded by controversy over land disputes.

Namibia Travel Guide: Herero Chief Hosea Kutako

Herero Chief Hosea Kutako worked with the UN to gain independence for Namibia.

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