Namibia Handbook 6e

Namibia Handbook 6e
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Namibia is perfect for anyone with a sense of adventure and desire to get back to nature. Footprint's 6th edition
Namibia Handbook guides travellers through this wonderful country, helping them really make the most of their trip.

Namibia is one of the world's last true wildernesses, home to the highest sand dunes, the oldest desert and the only place to catch a glimpse of the rare black rhino, or desert-dwelling elephants. With a wealth of animals and birds to get twitchy about, this diverse landscape is perfect for the environmentally conscious traveller with a sense of adventure. Footprint's fully revised 6th edition Namibia Handbook helps travellers stay ahead of the game in Namibia's national parks and provides thorough listings on where to sleep and eat, and how to get around. It provides fantastic coverage of all the national parks and their incredible wildlife, including a 32-page wildlife guide.

  • Fantastic coverage of Namibia's 26 game reserves
  • 32-page wildlife guide included
  • Detailed maps and listings to help you explore and get around
  • Accommodation listings for those with a sense of adventure - from bush camps to B&Bs
  • Great coverage on all the diverse activities on offer including sandboarding and safaris, ballooning and bush hiking

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Author: Lizzie Williams
Edition: 6
ISBN: 9781907263194
Maps: 41
Published: December 2010
Pages: 408

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