Namibia Travel Guide

Use this online Namibia travel guide to discover the wonders of the country.

Exposed to the mercy of the elements, Namibia’s landscapes are not what you expect to find in Africa. Deserts, tortured rock, open plains and a bleak and eerie coastline that for much of the year is bathed in thick fog. The country is dominated by the brooding Namib Desert, where the world’s highest sand dunes march determinedly towards the sea in a dune field 300 km wide. The Skeleton Coast, Fish River Canyon, Damaraland, Kaokoland and the diamond-producing Sperrgebiet, too, are vast expanses of silent, unspoilt wilderness.

But, despite these hostile environments, Namibia is home to a wealth of African animals and birds - easily seen at Etosha’s magical waterholes or at one of the many game farms.  With this Namibia travel guide, you can read about the last place on earth that black rhino roam free. It is also the only home of the desert elephant and 25% of the world’s cheetah stalk the arid plains.
  It’s also a destination that’s about adventure; whether you drive, hike or bike, the opportunities to enjoy the wild beauty of this empty, ancient land are almost limitless.

Namibia Travel Guide Highlights

Namibia Travel Guide: Etosha National Park, Photo by EcoPrint
Etosha National Park

A full range of African animals at the shimmering white Etosha Pan.

Namibia Travel Guide: Skeleton Coast National Park, Photo by Carlos Neto
Skeleton Coast National Park

A harsh strip of coastline pounded by the unforgiving Atlantic.

Namibia Travel Guide: Caprivi Strip, Photo by Mogens Trolle
Caprivi Strip

Well watered and forested, with abundant game.

Namibia Travel Guide: Namib-Naukluft National Park, Photo by Andreas Koeberl
Namib-Naukluft National Park

At sunrise and sunset, the world's largest sand dunes gleam in vibrant reds and oranges.

Namibia Travel Guide: Kaokoland, Photo by Pichugin Dmitry

A wilderness of vast empty plains, home of the beautiful Himba people.

Namibia Travel Guide: Luderitz, Photo by Reinhard Tiburzy

Quirky and incredibly windy fishing port jutting out into the Atlantic.

Namibia Travel Guide: Swakopmund, Photo by Hannes Vos

Characterful and attractive seaside town surrounded by desert.

Namibia Travel Guide: Kolmanskop Ghost Town, Photo by Reinhard Tiburzy
Kolmanskop Ghost Town

Old diamond mining town swallowed up by shifting sand dunes.

Namibia Travel Guide: Adventure Activities, Photo by Rob Ahrens
Adventure Activities

Skydiving over the massive dunes near Swakopmund, or dune dashing by sandboard.

Namibia Travel Guide: Fish River Canyon, Photo by Pichugin Dmitry
Fish River Canyon

The sun melts over this dramatic canyon where the Fish River weaves.

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