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Morocco is a good destination all year round, although January and February can be a bit cold and miserable in the north. Tangier and Fès are not much fun under heavy rain. However, after a wet winter, the spring is delightful in the north and central regions. Routes from Tangier are busy in summer with returning migrant workers from Europe in overloaded cars and are best avoided. Urban sightseeing is fine all year round, although in Marrakech and Fès the heat can be oppressive during the day from July to late September. If you are going to do the southern routes such as the Dadès and Draâ valleys, late February and March are magnificent. The blossom will be out, the days will be bright and you won't suffer too much on public transport or driving.

For those coming to Morocco for an active sort of holiday, spring, summer and autumn are fine in the High Atlas. The Jbel Saghro, south of the High Atlas, is a winter walking destination. Windsurfers and surfers, will find winds on the Atlantic coast are stronger in summer, but the swell is bigger in winter.

Morocco is known as 'a cold country with a hot sun'. Some of the coastal towns can be cold and damp in winter. Desert and pre-desert areas are obviously dry and hot but, from December to February, are extremely cold at night. On the other hand, mountain areas can get quite hot during the summer days. Occasional but heavy showers occur, turning the dry riverbeds into dangerous flash floods, while snow blocks the passes of the High Atlas in winter.

Note also that some of the major cities, in particular Casablanca, have high pollution levels and this, combined with the damp Atlantic air, can make life unpleasant.

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