Fes Meknes and Middle Atlas

The area of central Morocco around the Jbel Zerhoun and the Saïss Plain was important even in ancient times, a strategic, fertile region on the trade routes leading from eastern North Africa to the Atlantic coast. Power has often been concentrated in this region - witness the ancient Roman city of Volubilis, and the imperial cities of Fès and Meknès.

Volubilis is one of the finest Roman sites in North Africa, and its ruins still manage to evoke life in a prosperous frontier town in the second and third centuries AD. Nearby, Moulay Idriss, the father of the Moroccan state, is honoured in the pilgrimage town of the same name, a memorable settlement, with houses cascading down hills on either side of a large mosque.

High on the plateau lands between Middle and High Atlas, the former mining town of Midelt is another useful base in the region. From here, there are plenty of interesting day trips into the hill country.

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