Mirleft and around

Until very recently Mirleft barely qualified as a one-horse village. Now, however, a stroll down its dusty street reveals a hive of activity as hip young Europeans create an enclave of laid-back bars and restaurants and cheap-yet-groovy hotels. Buoyed by the presence of surfers and paragliders who come for the great beaches and the updrafts, and many others
who come to hang out in the great year-round climate, Mirleft is very clearly a place on the up.

Ins and outs

Getting there

Buses from the north to Sidi Ifni also stop in Mirleft. Between the two there are regular buses and grands taxis too, though nothing that runs very late in the day.


Once the border between Morocco and Spanish Sidi Ifni, you can climb to old
on the hill above the village, and longer walks are possible into the hills behind the village. There's also a Monday
and a handful of interesting shops but otherwise, the attractions are the beaches and the waves.

Mirleft itself is set just back from the coast but it just about joins up with
Les Amicales
, clustered on the clifftop overlooking Imin Tourga beach, the best local spot for swimming. To the south is small
Aftas Plage
and the larger bays of
Plage Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah
(also known as Marabou) and
Plage Sauvage
Sidi Ouafi
, the latter being the best surfing spot. At 10 km before Sidi Ifni as one comes from Mirleft, is the beach of
, popular with surfers and where there are a couple of beachside hotels and restaurants. Just down the beach is a large natural rock bridge.

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