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To understand the Middle East you must first get to grips with Lebanon. Straddling the fine line between East and West this tiny speck of a nation has often fallen bloodily off course as it walks a tight-rope path through the convoluted and complicated politics of this region. But the fusion of cultures and religions here, once the cause of so much of this nation’s tragedy, is also the force which knits together the unique Lebanese joie de vivre and it’s this infectious vitality that charms all who come here.

Where else can you experience so much diversity in so little space? From flashy and frenetic Beirut with its coffee culture and glamorous nightlife to the aroma of fresh-baked bread and spice that saturates the narrow labyrinthine souqs of Tripoli; from watching sunset fall over the immense pillars and columns of Roman Baalbek to hiking amid Mount Lebanon’s massive vistas of craggy peaks and snailpaced mountain hamlets. Delve into this exuberant land of divine food, ruins galore and achingly beautiful scenery and you’ll soon be dancing a dabke dance of glee along with the locals.

Come now to witness this resurgent nation as it throws out the rule book and attempts to write its own script. The high-spirited Lebanese with their nose thumbed at convention are just the people to make it work.

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