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Getting around Western Kenya is pretty straightforward. All the regional towns are linked by a steady stream of buses and
and most (not all) of the roads are in a reasonable tarred condition with only the occasional pothole. The main A1 south of Kisumu that goes to Tanzania is good all the way through to Mwanza, and there are frequent buses to the border and beyond. Indeed some Tanzanian long-distance buses between Mwanza to Arusha and Dar es Salaam take the route via Kenya as the roads are better than in the interior of Tanzania. From the border, the Western Corridor of Tanzania's Serengeti National Park is less than 200 km from Kenya, so there is the option of exploring some of Tanzania along with Western Kenya. Self driving is also a good option in this region; distances between the towns and sights are relatively short and there are plenty of places to stop for petrol and take a break. The towns themselves hold little interest, but driving around the region gives a good opportunity to enjoy the countryside, especially the impossibly scenic hills covered in the brilliant green tea plantations around Kericho and Kisii. There are a few tour operators that are doing much to promote this region and a number of safaris are on offer that are way off the normal tourist trail.

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