Isiolo to Lake Turkana

Exploring the lake from the east is far more exciting than the west, and you pass through a number of national reserves. Driving here takes skills and nerves of steel and you will need a 4WD vehicle. Few of the roads are surfaced, and the main A2 road is tricky to say the least. Avoid the rainy season as some routes become impassable. Some public transport is available, though it is not as easy as on the west.

Ins and outs

Babie Coach
, a converted Isuzu truck, runs up and down between Maralal and Isiolo every other day and there may be the odd
. There are also buses and
running between Maralal and Nyaharuru where you can hop on to a bus to Nairobi. But Maralal is really the end of the road as far as public transport is concerned and nothing else except trucks head north from here to South Horr. Without your own transport, going north to the lake or Marsabit requires putting the word out (and paying) and waiting, possibly for several days, for a lift.

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