Festivals and events

All along the coast and in the northeast the
Islamic calendar
is followed and festivals are celebrated. These include the beginning and end of
Islamic New Year
(Jun) and
Prophet's birthday
(Aug). On Lamu the Islamic
Maulidi Festival
is held each year .


New Year's Day 
Dhow Race
, Shela Beach on Lamu, is an important event on the island. Only 8 captains are invited to race, so winning the race is a great honour.
are brightly decorated and festivities last well into the night.


1 Jun
Rhino Charge
. This is an off-road 4WD motor rally and fund-raising event to raise money for the fencing of the Aberdares National Park, which is almost complete, and provide solar power to electrify it. The winner is the car that visits all of the 10 control points along the course and has the lowest mileage within the allocated 10 hrs of driving time.

Safaricom Marathon
, at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. A fundraising event to support the conservancy on the Laikipila Plateau amongst other good community causes. Both the half and full marathons attract runners from all over the world, including many world-class Kenyan long-distance runners. They are hard runs at altitude and the course is held within the game conservancy. Helicopters are used to keep an eye out for elephant and predators along the course. It is a unique experience! You can take part or watch.


1st weekend in Aug
Maralal International Camel Derby
, operating since 1990, and from 1998 the event has been coupled with the
Kenya Amateur Cycling Association Race


Nairobi Air Show
, held at Wilson Airport on Kenyan Aviation Career Day, features fly-bys by military and historical aircraft and helicopters, formation flying and parachuting displays. There's also plenty of on-the-ground entertainment and food and drink tents and it's a good family day out.


Early Dec

Craft Fair
, Ngong Racecourse, Nairobi, is a large craft fair with many home-made items from all over Kenya: curios, soaps, jams, furniture, toys, embroidery and quilted items.

East African Safari Classic
, has been going since 1953 and was first car rally run to celebrate the queen's coronation. It runs for 3 days over a course of about 3000 km. It goes all over the country on some of the worst roads and often in appalling weather. Watching is exciting especially from a good vantage point in the Rift Valley where the cars go charging up and down the escarpments.

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